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Super Geo1

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Super Geo1
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Product Description


Circular Protractors, Protractors and so on. Do you really need all of these drawing instruments? We believe that the answer is NO! Super Geo 1 unites the most important drawing instruments in one single drawing instrument and makes geometry class easy business.

Here the advantages:

  • · Quick 360° orientation with the Cheat-Point® Ciruclar Protractor.
  • · Errors in reading are eliminated by the set square.
  • · The use of the set square is intuitively learned by the integration of the Circular Protractor.

A Milestone in the development of drawing instruments! The KUM® Stop&Go Series sets new standards for drawing instruments.

The innovative and patented KUM® Stop&Go Points allow a precise fixation of the drawing instrument and make millimeter-precise working possible.

The use of high quality flexible materials make these drawing instruments absolutely shatterproof.