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Black Line Brush oval cat 14

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Black Line Brush oval cat 14
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Product Description


The Black Line brush was specially developed for oil painting. The Brislon fibers make this brush unique and a must for every artist. The synthetic fibers have a hollow core which benefits the artist in terms of excellent color absorption. The fibers of the Black Line brush provide a high stability. This allows a distribution of high viscosity mediums such as oil paints, more easily and more specifically. The thin tapered brush tip is particularly suitable for smaller and finer paintings.

Compared to conventional brushes, the Black Line brush has a particularly long handle. This makes for a more enjoyable painting experience at the easel. The longer stem allows the artist to paint the image from a greater distance. This gives him a better view of his work of art and opens up new ideas for perspective and image design.

The wide, tapered shape combines the advantages of the flat and the round variant. This makes cat tongue-shaped brushes particularly versatile. The shape allows the artist to create an even application and smooth color transitions, as well as to paint lines and fine details. In addition, it is ideal for painting round shapes.


The Black Line brush is particularly easy to clean. This is particularly important in oil painting, as the paint residues of oil paint are particularly stubborn on the fibers and often can only be removed with special solvents. To avoid contaminating new paint, thorough cleaning is essential. The special properties of these fibers support this process and make this brush a long-time companion of any artist.